Ollie Joseph & Nate Rose - Psychopath

     Sometimes you can't help falling in love, right?  This has been the topic of hundreds of movies, and thousands of songs.  Add to the list this new banger from Ollie Joseph & Nate Rose, which tells of a girl that they couldn't help falling in love with, only to regret it when they saw her true colors.


     Still, the feeling of the song isn't dark like that of Tyler, the Creator's 'IFHY'.  This song feels like something you would listen to as you drive down the highway with the windows down.  Both Ollie and Nate bring their A game, going back and forth and not missing a beat as they do so.  Whether you can relate to the situation or not, go do yourself a favor and listen to this new banger.


Lyrics That Stick:


"How could you smile with that knife in your hand?

You psychopath, I want what I gave you back" 





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