Scotty LVX - Narrative (Music Video)

     If y'all haven't heard of Scotty LVX, well, it's about time you become very aware! This artist has this whole ambiance that we absolutely love and his music video shows it! Scotty LVX is presented in what looks like a very beautiful church or temple sitting on a chair in the middle of the room just letting his 'Narrative' be heard.


     One of the first things we recognized about this artist is how similar his sound is to Bryson Tiller in a way, with more of an edge in his flow. There's this very natural and transparent essence throughout this video as it shows these dark, very dimly lit shots of Scotty and introduces his romantic interest as she makes her way through the building. When it shows the two together there's this this natural and comfortable feeling you sense just seeing them standing next to each other. As Scotty starts telling more of the story we hear of all the rough hardships this relationship faced and how he had his issues of making her feel not up to pare at times and his insecurities of her family not accepting him.


      Symbolism was incorporated throughout the entire video, especially at the end when the two were captured together with a red light on them and an obvious problem between the two seen on their faces. We love those videos that use the formation of scenes using more of an artistic point of view and not the obvious storyline method, it hits hard! This has to be one of the best 'Narratives,' we've heard and the you guys will be convinced the second you watch it!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Let the truth be told

How the story really goes

You checked out and lost all of your faith in me

And I was at an all time low."

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