The Weeknd - After Hours (Album)

     Is this The Weeknd from the Trilogy days? From Kiss Land, Beauty Behind the Madness or Starboy? Amazingly, we get glimpses of styles from all of his past music, but that's not the best part.  The best part is that the album consists of a style we've never heard before, not from The Weeknd or any other artist, at least not on this level.


      'After Hours' featured 3 singles being released before the album, all 3 well received, but none reaching levels that some of his previous singles had done. Still, I think The Weeknd has reached an all time high with his music. This album features consistency all the way through, with not a single track that I feel a desire to skip. His vocals are as beautiful as ever, the production is top notch, but the uniqueness of the style that rings through the album is what really sets it apart. Right now it's a great album, but in years I'm guessing we'll look back at this album as one that started a new trend and direction for music.


Lyrics That Stick:


"I've been the hardest to love

You're trying to let me go"




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