Dae Zhen - 2020 Vision


     Contrary to my first thoughts, this song is not about the year that we're currently in.  This song is about a relationship that up and coming artist Dae Zhen regrets, and how he has clearer vision as he comes out of it.


     The song is laid over an upbeat, positive feeling instrumental, with vocals that fit perfectly with that vibe.  The lyrics don't come off as sad, but confident in the future as he's leaving a bad chapter behind him.  The layered vocals brings a wonderful aspect to the song, making it feel like he's right in front of you performing the song live.  Happy or sad, this one's a banger.


Lyrics That Stick:


"Don't go thinking 'bout what we had a chance to be

This that 2020 vision, you can't see me"





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