Sig Roy - Afterparties


     It's amazing how differently you can come out of different relationships.  Sometimes it can feel like a breath of fresh air, sometimes it hurts but you feel it's for better, and then sometimes you come out feeling like Sig Roy in his new track.


     'Afterparties' is an emotion-filled, passionate goodbye to an ex, in a break up that sounds like it came way too soon. The emotion portrayed by Roy is very apparent, both in the tone of his voice and the lyrics. The songwriting is also amazing, the verses and choruses building into each other as the story continues to unfold. Go listen to 'Afterparties', and don't worry, it's okay to cry.


Lyrics That Stick:


"I can't help to hide my face like to be honest I'm a mess

Been a minute since we kicked it, can't believe now I'm your ex."





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