Jared Evan - Idols (feat. Allan Kingdom)

     Seasoned songwriter Jared Evan shows that he is still nowhere near slowing down with his new banger, 'Idols'. I remember the first time hearing Evan in 2012 shortly after the release of 'The 4th Chapter'.  I remember being drawn to his back and forth rap and singing style, and ability to do it all himself. Now, 8 years later, I'm drawn to the same thing and much more.


     Jared himself stays more on the melodic, singing style with this one, but he makes sure to bring in a guest to take care of the hip hop aspect of the song. Allan Kingdom is the featured artist and does a wonderful job of painting a picture to better forward the narrative of the song, one of false idols and realization. The song is posed in a very positive and vibey way, with a bouncy instrumental that makes you want to dance. Here's to many more years of bangers from Jared Evan.  


Lyrics That Stick:


"You're not the star, I thought you are"




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