Joyner Lucas - Will (Music Video)

     We all have that one celebrity in our lives that uplifts our spirits and gives us a reason to continually persevere in our dream! Joyner Lucas' idol happens to be Will Smith and man did he do an exceptional job of showing Will his love throughout his crazy talented music video for his latest single 'Will!' Like my damn, Joyner takes you on a flashback of one of our favorite actors IMBD list as he starts out walking up to the green screen in the classic 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' fit making you honestly blink twice thinking it's Will himself! He sits in the iconic royalty seat that is shown in the TV show and instantly the beat drops and Joyner starts belting out how he's "Feeling like Will." It only gets better from that point on! He drops the line "I wanna get married, but none of my shawty's remind me of Jada," and we were hooked! Every single detail and line from start to finish of this production has everyone shook and jaw-dropped!


     He then proceeds to slide to the next green screen where he's magically changed into 'Bad Boys' attire and poses for the shoot. Every single detail of his look is perfect and actually has you thinking, "Damn, Joyner actually looks like Will Smith though!' And if you thought he was done, you were heavily mistaken! 'Men In Black,' pops up with Joyner looking mighty spiffy and right before he poses he says he hopes his son looks up to him and has the same mindset as Willow or Jaden when he grows up and we love how much admiration is shown for not just Will, but his whole family! Joyner sure didn't miss anything he goes on to cover 'Wild Wild West,' 'i, ROBOT,' and even 'Shark Tale'... like WHAT?!


     He goes on to portray 'The Pursuit of Happiness,' 'I Am Legend,' 'Concussion' and even 'Aladdin!' The end scene is the best part though as Joyner makes his way to his dressing and and the camera slowly pivots to show himself looking at Will Smith in the mirror and your left with a quote "Thanks for helping me build my wall" from Joyner Lucas. You best believe Will Smith was absolutely enthralled and honored by this impeccable music video and you will be too!


Lyrics That Stick:


"I'm feelin like Will 

I feel like a Prince

I'm feelin myself"

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